Both an inpatient and outpatient multidisciplinary team is in place comprising  consultant diabetologists,  vascular surgeons, podiatrists, orthotic services, tissue viability team as well as microbiology input. Three outpatient multidisciplinary foot clinics operate on a weekly basis at Heartlands and Solihull hospitals. Daily podiatry clinics at Heartlands hospital with consultant diabetologist cover are available to assess patients within 24hrs. Weekend cover is provided by the on-call consultant diabetologist. A dedicated weekly, consultant led neuropathy clinic is available for pain investigation and treatment and management of Charcot’s neuroarthropathy.

Inpatient diabetic multidisciplinary care is provided by the same team led by the consultant. A once monthly joint clinic led by a vascular surgeon and a consultant diabetologist, supported by a senior podiatrist will start very soon. The Diabetes Specialist Nurse works with the multi-disciplinary team in the Foot Clinic. The aim of the Diabetes Specialist Nurse intervention is to achieve  home blood glucose monitoring readings within target to facilitate healing of diabetic foot ulceration.

Patients are referred from the community& secondary care.

Venue: Diabetes Outpatient Clinic, Heartlands hospital
Team: Prof. Martin Stevens, Dr.Abd Tahrani,Dr. Reggie John, Dr.Muhammad Azam, Louis Mitchell
When: Every Tuesday afternoon

Venue: Diabetes Outpatient Clinic, Solihull hospital
Team: Prof. Martin Stevens, Dr.Ali Kamal,Dr. Ali Karamat, Dr.Andrew Bates
When: Every Monday afternoon

Diabetes Neuropathy Clinic

Venue: Diabetes Outpatient Clinic, Heartlands hospital
Team: Dr.Abd Tahrani, Louis Mitchell
When: First & Third Thursday  Mornings

Clinic contact details : 0121 4240234

Podiatry contact details:0121 4243460