This is a regular once weekly joint clinic with the Nephrologist established with an aim to provide specialist support to patients with diabetic nephropathy. Referrals to this clinic are made directly by the general practitioners, other consultant physicians and occasionally through emergency departments. In addition, the electronic eGFR tracking allows renal function of all diabetes patients to be monitored regularly. The diabetes teams manage patients with incipient nephropathy while those with more advanced renal disease are jointly managed. Patients with ESRD and those who have had renal transplant are also seen in these clinics. In addition, there is a dedicated diabetes specialist nurse support service to patients on haemodialysis and patients are reviewed in the dialysis unit as and when required.

Team:  Dr. Hugh Rayner (Nephrologist), Prof. Barnett, Dr. Sri Bellary & Deborah Brewer

Contact Number:0121 4241174