The pre-conception clinic is for any women of childbearing age with pre-existing diabetes or previous gestational diabetes who wishes to conceive. The purpose of the clinic is to optimise control, screen and manage complications and review treatments prior to conception in order to achieve a successful outcome of pregnancy.

Referrals are accepted from both primary and secondary care. Patient’s under our care can also self-refer.

Clinics are provided by Consultant Diabetologist, Dietitians and Specialist Nurses. 

Venue: Diabetes outpatients at Heartlands hospital
Clinics: 1st, 2nd and 4th Thursday afternoon of each month


Dr. Ali Karamat
Consultant Diabetologist

Jackie Webb
Diabetes Nurse Manager

Violet Wilson
Diabetes Specialist Nurse

Annmarie Field
Diabetes Specialist

Contact Details: 0121 4240175